Language Study – Too Much, Too Fast!

GPA language study update:

Today I again witnessed the value of following Greg’s method because at one point in the lesson the nurturer wasn’t following it. One of the main activities is the introduction of a new set of vocabulary words. The nurturer is supposed to introduce two new words and teach them to the GPs. When the two initial words are learned, the nurturer adds one more new word, and so on, continuing to add one new word as the GPs learn each one in combination with the other new words.

The nurturer had been so impressed with the ability of the GPs to quickly learn new words (they have been doing amazingly well!) that she decided to begin with three and then add two new words at a time. As a result, the GPs found themselves suddenly struggling to remember the previous words that they had learned, much less learn the new words solidly. But the nurturer had it so fixed in her mind that the GPs were doing well, that she missed the fact that they were suddenly not responding correctly and making many mistakes. I found it necessary to talk with the nurturer during the break and point out that the GPs were suddenly making many more mistakes than usual, and to encourage her to follow the method, even though the GPs seemed to be doing so well.

Yep, there’s a method to Greg’s madness…er, rather, there’s a reason for his method, and it behooves us to follow the method!

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