The City of Western Peace?

Not everything is peaceful in the city of Western Peace. Yesterday I saw my first Chinese demonstration. No, it wasn’t a cooking demonstration. It was a group of middle-age Chinese people demonstrating in the middle of the street, including a large banner that said  “Yao Sheng Cun, Yao Chi Fan!” (“I want to survive, I want to eat!”)

These were well-dressed, middle-age, middle class Chinese people who were obviously upset about something, most likely their forced relocation due to the demolition of their apartment building. (Remember Chai Na?) No, not all is peaceful in the city of Western Peace.

But then, do you know of anywhere on earth that is always peaceful? Nope, I don’t, either. I guess I’ll stick around here a while and see what I can do to bring a little more peace in this corner of the globe. How about you?